How Are Apples Grown?


In this week’s post, we will be sharing some facts about how apples are grown. Of course, the answer that most people would have guessed is that apples are grown from seeds! However, most apples are in fact grown from grafted apple trees to maintain the desired characteristics. Grafting can be explained by cutting the bud chip from the selected parent tree with desired characteristics and placed onto a compatible rootstock to grow. The trees are pruned regularly to ensure that branches are spread out evenly and absorb maximum sunlight. 

During spring, apple flowers bloom and pollination occurs. This attracts honeybees who collect nectar and pollen at the same time. When honeybees jump from flower to flower on another tree, they leave pollen grains on the sticky stigma. The pollen grains reach the ovary and pollination occurs. 

Summertime is where the apples develop in size and turn color. The apples ripen in fall and will be harvested by hand, often in September and October. And that’s how you get to enjoy those big, ripe juicy apples! The process of growing apples can range from 2-7 years and requires lots and lots of effort from the farmers to produce good quality apples. Doesn't that make you appreciate your apples much more? :) 

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