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givvable helps businesses achieve their sustainability objectives by connecting them directly with sustainable, circular and social suppliers.   In September 2015,...

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UglyFood SG
Oct 04, 2020

How Are Apples Grown?

Ever wondered how the big, ripe, juicy apples that you are eating come from? Read more to find out the long, tedious process of growing apples!

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This week's post features two recipes from our food warriors-Michelle and Bee Bee! Read more to find out how they make use of UglyFood to cook yummy food.

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Read more to gain deeper insights into the food waste problem in Singapore!

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Don't know what to do with overripe fruits lying in your fridge or pantry? Read more for our banana bread and strawberry jam recipes!

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It’s been often said that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And indeed, in these tough times, UglyFood as a business, was stressed to its limits. But building a team with the right skill sets is the key to success, and with the constant support of our followers and customers, we aim to instill change in people’s behaviour for the foreseeable future.

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