1/2-carb Ramen (Japanese noodles)
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1/2-carb Ramen (Japanese noodles)(4 portions in one pack - 280g)


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The best thing about UPGRAIN® Ramen is that they taste like your regular noodles but with only ½ the carbs and 6x more fibre! We make it in small batches in Singapore, using only 100% natural ingredients and 0 preservatives.

How to store

Fridge: Our noodles are 100% natural with no preservatives.  The vacuum-bag keeps  them good for one month in the fridge. Once open, we recommend that you consume them within 3 days. Keep chilled.

Freezer: If you wish to extend the shelf-life, please keep them frozen for up to 6 months. 


Each bag contains 4 portions of noodles.
Total Weight 280g.
Vacuum-packed for freshness.
Cooks in 30-40 seconds

Comes Frozen, Local Company