Fresh & Frozen Meats Imported Korean Crispy Corndog -Mozzarella Cheese w fish sausage 400g
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Imported Korean Crispy Corndog - Mozzarella Cheese w fish sausage (5pcs x 80g)

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Condition: Perfect, Frozen

Weight: (5pcs x 80g)

Air Fryer (Preferred Method):

1. Preheat the air fryer at 180 degrees for about 1~2minutes.

2. After removing the frozen hot dog wrapper that has not been defrosted.


For 1 stick: 180 degree for about 12~13minutes.

For 2 sticks: 180 degree for about 15minutes.



For 1 stick: 700W = 1min/ 1000W = 50sec

For 2 sticks: 700W = 1min40sec/ 1000W = 1min20sec

Expiry: At least 3 months from date of purchase

Country of Origin: Korea