Mostly excess stocks from various importers, supermarkets, sometimes blemished. You should not be getting rotten food, though mishaps do happen. Contact us for a refund if you receive any.
  • -59%
    Century Global

    Airflown Japanese Cabbage (~1kg)

    Condition: Perfect by normal standards, blemished by Japanese standards. Over imported, simply clearing.Size: ~1kg Country of Origin: Japan
    $4.90 $12.00
  • -10%
    Fresh Direct

    Angled Luffa - Kak Kuay (Malaysia) (1kg)

    Save these Surplus! Approx 1kg in pack size Country of Origin: Malaysia
    $4.30 $4.80
  • -19%

    ArrowHead (~500g)

    Condition: Perfect, near perfect, simply clearing.Size: ~500gCountry of Origin: Malaysia
    $4.00 $4.95
  • -13%
    Fresh Direct

    Asparagus Thai (Thailand) (500g)

    Approx 500g pack size Country of origin: Thailand
    $7.50 $8.60
  • -6%
    Fresh Direct

    Asparagus Thai Pencil (Thailand) (100g)

    Approx 100g pack size Condition: Perfect!  Country of origin: Thailand
    $3.20 $3.40
  • -15%
    Fresh Direct

    Baby Potato (~1kg)

    Approx 1kg pack size, loose
    $4.25 $5.00
  • RongFong

    Baby Romaine Lettuce(MY)(250g)

    Condition: PerfectSize: 250gCountry of Origin: Malaysia 
  • RongFong

    Bak Choy(MY)(~250g)

    Alias: Bok Choy, Pak Choy, xiao bai caiCondition: PerfectSize: 250gCountry of Origin: Malaysia 
  • -12%
    Fresh Direct

    Bamboo Shoot (China) (250g)

    250g in pack size Country of Origin: China
    $2.20 $2.50
  • -16%

    bebe baby pumpkin (300g-350g)

    A Pumpkin is a cultivar of a squash plant that is round, with smooth, slightly ribbed skin, and deep yellow to orange coloration. Pumpkin's thick shell contains the seeds and pulp. Approximately 300g to 350g per pumpkin. Buy 6 and we give you the box. Good for gifts. good for babies that starting to have solid food. Condition: Perfect Country of Origin: China
    $4.20 $5.00
  • Fresh Direct

    Beetroot (Thailand) (1kg)

    Approx 1kg pack size Country of origin: Thailand
  • -21%
    Fresh Direct

    Beetroot Baby Candy (Austalia) (250g)

    Approx 250g pack size Country of origin: Australia
    $7.90 $10.00
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