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Here's How To Play

1. Pick one of the clues from the list below that you think you know the answer to.
2. Search your answer in the store. If you are correct, your voucher will appear.

3. Read the voucher details and be sure to check out using your voucher code as soon as possible.
Updates about the treasure hunt will be posted regularly on Telegram channel and Instagram.

The 6 clues

1. Without me the vegetables are dead. They need me to move, they need me to last. I might be cold but I determine how fresh you are.

2. The veterans fought and all had scars to show their battles. The most shocking story was from the last. Do you remember how he got his scars?

3. In with the foods I eat, out with some ethylene gas from my bum. Good thing my gas helps avocados ripen faster.

4. I am great in making sauces, blitzing into a soup or an ice cream, or making butter at home but you barely know it took me 6 years to ripen and grow. They don’t call me a luxury fruit for nothing.

5. All fruits and vegetables need me. To be fresh, look fresh or stay fresh. My biggest flex is when you soak a limp carrot in me, it becomes all firm again!

6. Buzz buzz, I might sting if I’m sassy. You will always find me busy, making juice or napping in a flower. I promise my juice can last a lifetime, but you still throw it because of a due date.

Important to note!

We will release 600 vouchers (100 for each of the clues) monthly and put them all over the store.
There will be 6 clues based on our comic series “UglyFood Adventures”. You might even pick up some new knowledge along the way.
You can win from one clue only once, meaning you have the chance to win from all 6 clues. Arr Matey! Let’s do this!

Note: There are 100 vouchers to every clue redeemable on a 1st come 1st served basis! You snooze…you loose!

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