Dry Goods 1/2-carb Demi Brioche Loaf (300g)
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1/2-carb Demi Brioche Loaf (300g)


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 Loaf net weight: 300g (half of regular 1/2-carb Brioche Loaf)

It tastes even better than it sounds. Soft and rich, it’s the perfect canvas for your creations. Bon appétit!

The best thing with our radically better carbs Demi Brioche Loaf is that it tastes as delicious as your regular bread, but with 1/2 the carbs and 6x more fibre! And we make it in small batches in Singapore, using only 100% natural ingredients and 0 preservatives.

✓ HALF the carbs
✓ 6x more fibre
✓ 100% natural ingredients
✓ 0 preservatives
✓ No trans-fat
✓ Made in small batches in Singapore

Serving suggestions: Lightly toasted with butter and kaya, jam or smashed avocado. Equally delicious as Croque Monsieurs, French toasts or Cheese and Ham sandwich.

Ingredients: Wheat, corn, soy rice, tapioca, edible plant-based dietary fibres, water, milk, butter, egg, yeast, salt

Wheat, soy, dairy, eggs
Made in a kitchen where tree nuts and other nuts may be handled.

Storage Instructions:
Our breads are made with No preservatives. Keep in a cool dry place and consume within 3 days, or refrigerate. To extend shelf-life, keep frozen.

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