Dry Goods Anchor UHT Culinary Cream (200ml) (BB: 3 July 2022)
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Anchor UHT Culinary Cream (200ml) (BB: 3 July 2022)

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Condition: Perfect, it's dried

Weight: 1L

Anchor™ Culinary Cream has been specially designed for foodservice professionals to use in all cooking applications.

  • Reduce prep time: partially reduced cream that's ideal for pasta.
  • Reheat performance: ideal for reheating chilled or frozen dishes, and maintaining stability.
  • Acid stable: holds performance in sour, acidic and spicy recipes without splitting.
  • Consistently creamy: use only what you need for consistently smooth and creamy serves, every time.
  • Excellent coating: glossy coating and great appetite appeal in every dish.
  • Ease of opening and pouring.
  • Improved resealing after opening due to cap.
  • No foil strip to remove and discard to general waste.
Best Before: 3 July 2022

Country of origin: New Zealand