Dry Goods Bamboo Fibre Pasta - Fusilli (124) (250g)(BB: 13 Jan 2024)
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Pasta Natura GF Bamboo Fibre Pasta - #124 Fusilli (250g)(BB: 02 Feb 2024)

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Condition: Perfect, it's dried. Helping someone clear. Check condition before use. We check through every packaging once, before sending out for delivery. Refund if bad.

Brand: Pasta Natura

Details: Gluten-free; Fusili

Best Before: 02 February 2024

Country of origin: Italy

PASTA NATURA bamboo flour pasta is delicate from every point of view: it has a light colour and a light flavour, halfway between white asparagus and artichoke. Preparing a first course with bamboo flour pasta is a pure gesture of love to the people who sit at your table: bamboo’s beneficial properties are really many and very important for the body. You can prepare light and tasty dishes, suitable for your special occasions.

Serving suggestions:

  • Try traditional sauces made with black olives and peppers.
  • For a different and tasty vegan recipe, try it with some purple cabbage and a vegetable-based cream.
  • For a light and quick dish, suitable for your daily nutrition, prepare bamboo flour fusilli with lemon, chopped parsley and Parmesan.

      Ingredients: Whole Rice Flour* (95%), Bamboo Leaves Flour* (5%)