Household Eco Enzyme (500ml)

Eco Enzyme (500ml)

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Multi cleaning purposes, gentle on hands and good for the environment. 

Eco Enzyme is a multipurpose liquid that is produced from the fermentation of organic waste.

In UglyFood, it is made from orange peels leftover from our refreshing orange juice. We bottle in plastic bottles that are generously donated by our warriors who want to give the plastic bottles a new lease of life! 

Give ours a try! If you love it, you can either purchase from us again, or make it yourself! It is just 3 simple ingredients - organic waste, sugar and water. 


Eco enzyme can be used diluted with water at a specific dilution ratio.
In homes, eco enzyme is used:
- as a household cleaning liquid
- to remove foul odours, molds and grime in the kitchen and toilet
- as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent
- to drive away insects
- to clean carpets and remove ticks
- for laundry washing and ironing
- for mopping floors
- for cleaning cars

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