Dry Goods Golden Eagle Fresh Brown Jasmine Rice (200g)
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Golden Eagle Fresh Brown Jasmine Rice (200g)


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Weight: 200g
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Golden Eagle Fresh Brown Jasmine Rice is 80-percent Brown Rice mixed with 20-percent Red Rice. It has the nutrient rich coating of bran intact as it is unpolished. It is high in fibre, rich in vitamins and minerals for our overall health and well-being. The rice when cooked has a nice fragrance, a nutty taste and is delicious with chewy texture.

Golden Eagle Thai Rice is a popular brand in Singapore. The product range includes fragrant rice, brown rice and mixed rice. The rice is soft and fragrant when cooked

Country of origin: Thailand


Dietary informationHealthier Choice

Dietary informationVegetarian

Dietary informationTrans-Fat Free

Dietary informationGluten-Free