Frozen Goldthon Musang King Durian Snowy Mooncake (6pc~360g)(pending)
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Goldthon Musang King Durian Snowy Mooncake (6pc)

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Condition: Perfect, it's frozen. 

Size: Each mooncake is approximately 60g

Best Before Date: 12 June 2023


Each box comes in 6 pieces of snowy mooncake, made by real & fresh Musang King durian from Goldthon's own farm. Each mooncake has cute durian shaped & filled with mouthful of Musang King. The filling is refreshing, smooth and fragrant and it literally melt in your mouth!

Ingredients: Musang King Durian Paste, Water, Glucose Syrup, Rice Starch, Hydroxypropy| Distarch Phosphate, Shortening, Acetylared Distarch Phosphate, Potato Starch, Emulsifier, Xanthan Gum, Beta Carotene.

Storage & Serving Instructions: To store at -18°C and below. Thaw the mooncakes at a temperature between 0-4°C for 10 mins before consumption and consumed it immediately after thawed. Please do not re-freeze thawed mooncakes.

Country of Origin: Malaysia