Frozen Ize Coco Vegan Mango Sticky Rice Ice Cream (150g)
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Ize Coco Vegan Mango Sticky Rice Ice Cream (2 cups)

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Condition: Perfect, it's frozen.

Size: 150g (contains 2x75g servings, spoon included)

Savour Ize Coco’s authentic Thai dessert Ice cream as if you are in the Heart of Thailand!

The most popular and authentic Thai dessert, Signature of Thailand - Mango Sticky Rice now served in a magic ice cream scoop which will refresh your senses! Premium selection of sweet 'Nam Dok Mai' mango and sticky rice mixed in coconut milk.

Vegan; Vegetarian; Gluten-Trans Fat-Cholesterol Free.

Ingredients: Water 43.00%, White Sugar 15.03%, Mango Puree 15.00%, Coconut Milk 10.00%, Sticky Rice 6.60%, Mango (Flesh) 5.00%, Stabilizer (INS 471, 410, 412, 407) 0.30%, Salt 0.05%, Citric (INS 330) 0.05%, Color (INS 102, 110) 0.05%, Mango Flavor 0.02%.

Best Before Date: 24 December 2022

Country of Origin: Thailand