Honey Linden Honey (Romania) (68g)
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Linden Honey (Romania) (68g)


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Honeymill Pure Linden Honey is made with nectar collected by bees from the Linden flowers on the Linden Tree (also known as the Bodhi Tree). Linden Honey is one of the most popular varieties of honey with an unmistakable fragrance and flavour of lime flowers. The honey is light yellow in colour and emits a fresh woody scent.

Many have described Linden Honey to have balsamic, camphor and minty taste resemblances. Linden Honey is one of the more popular honey in Honeymill and a preferred choice among our matured customers.

Store this honey in room temperature, in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. It is not necessary to keep honey in the refrigerator. Always use a dry spoon for honey.

Crystallisation rate of Linden Honey is fast. When that happens, place the honey bottle in warm water bath, and stir the crystallised honey until the honey crystals soften. Crystallisation is a natural process of honey. 

No food essence and/or flavourings has been added to this product.

Months before Best Before Dates.