Dry Goods Mat's Hot Shop Peachango Tango (148ml) (BB: 10 Aug 2022)
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Mat's Hot Shop Peachango Tango (148ml)(BB: 10 Aug 2022)(Help Clear!)

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Condition: Perfect, it's dried.

Weight: 148ml

Award-winning sauce! 

Peachango Tango is Mat's pride and joy. A tribute to his upbringing in a regional Victorian town famous for its fruit orchards and preserves. Made with a mix of peaches, mango, spices and fiery habanero peppers, just a spoonful will make you want to dance with its sweet heat. An essential sauce that goes with just about anything - we recommend it on chicken, salmon, potatoes and gooey eggs in the morning.

Heat Level: 🌶🌶 Medium

Ingredients: peaches, vinegar, red habanero, brown sugar, mango nectar, molasses, sea salt, dijon mustard, garlic, black pepper, cumin, ginger, coriander seed, all spice

Best Before: 10 August 2022

Country of Origin: Australia