Dry Goods Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew Matcha Latte (12x200ml)(BB: ? Nov 2022)
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Minor Figures Dairy-Free Nitro Cold Brew Matcha Latte (12x200ml)(BB: Nov 2022)

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Condition: Perfect, it's dried.

Size: 12x200ml

Minor Figures' matcha latte is made by pairing stone-ground matcha tea leaves with their classic oat milk to create a wholesome balance of sweet and natural earthiness. Ceremonial grade (the highest measure of quality) for peak zen-like enjoyment, it also packs a caffeine hit for energy and focus. A flow of nitrogen is released the moment it's opened to create a silky microfoam and bring the blend to life.

Ingredients: Oat drink (water, oat(16%) sunflower oil, salt), ceremonial grade matcha tea

No dairy. No added sugar. 100% vegan.

Best Before Date: Nov 2022

Country of Origin: United Kingdom