Dry Goods Organic Chickpeas Pasta - Penne (144) (250g)(BB: 16 Nov 2023)
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Pasta Natura Organic GF Chickpeas Pasta - #144 Penne (250g)(BB: 16 Nov 2023)

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Condition: Perfect, it's dried. Helping someone clear. Check condition before use. We check through every packaging once, before sending out for delivery. Refund if bad.

Brand: Pasta Natura

Details: Gluten-free; Vegan; Organic; Penne

Best Before: 16 Nov 2023

Country of origin: Italy

PASTA NATURA's chickpeas flour pasta is a source of "good" proteins of vegetable origin, perfect for anybody wishing to find their way to a healthy diet, an excellent supply of energy with a low cholesterol content. The high fibres content makes it light and digestible. Pasta with chickpeas flour is rich in vitamin C and B and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. It is therefore also suitable for people suffering from ulcer. Chickpeas flour is naturally gluten free. Our pasta can be consumed safely even by celiac people. No component of animal origin is to be found among the ingredients so the needs of people adopting a vegan diet are fully met. PASTA NATURA's chickpeas flour pasta is a perfect alternative to have a good first course without eating the usual pasta.

Serving suggestions:

  • Prepared with sage, rosemary, red onion, cabbage and savoy cabbage
  • Seasoned with extra virgin olive oil
  • Adding broccoli with garlic, oil and chilli
  • With brussels sprouts and speck
  • With sardines and wild fennel

      Ingredients: 100% Organic Chickpea Flour. May contain traces of Soy.