Dry Goods Organic Multi Legumes Pasta - Penne (149) (250g)(BB: 2 Feb 2024)
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Pasta Natura Organic GF Multi Legumes Pasta - #149 Penne (250g)(BB: 2 Apr 2023)


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Brand: Pasta Natura

Details: Gluten-free; Organic; Vegan; Penne

Best Before: 2 April 2023

Country of origin: Italy

Organic multi-legume pasta has the color of wholemeal pasta, but has a better, more balanced and complete nutritional supply. From the skilful combination of bean flour, peas, chickpeas and lentils, a pasta rich in protein and fiber is born. The advantage of not having any source of cereals and of animal origin is found in the low glycemic index and in the total absence of cholesterol in the product. PASTA NATURA multi-legume pasta comes from a skilful processing of flours: slow drying at low temperatures and bronze drawing.

Serving suggestions:

  • Simply seasoned with garlic, parsley and chilli.
  • For a simple vegan dish, try dressing the multi-legume casarecce with sautéed cabbage or with a cream of cabbage.

      Ingredients: 25% Organic Red Lentil Flour, 25% Organic Green Pea Flour, 25% Organic Chickpea Flour, 25% Organic Beans Flour. May contain traces of Soy.