Dry Goods Organic Red Lentil Pasta - Penne (146) (250g)(BB: 23 Jan 2024)
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Pasta Natura Organic GF Red Lentil Pasta - #146 Penne (250g)(BB: 23 Jan 2024)

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Condition: Perfect, it's dried. Helping someone clear. Check condition before use. We check through every packaging once, before sending out for delivery. Refund if bad.

Brand: Pasta Natura

Details: Gluten-free; Vegan; Organic; Penne

Best Before: 23 Jan 2024

Country of origin: Italy

PASTA NATURA'S red lentils flour pasta brings joy to your table thanks to its beautiful and vivid colour between orange and red. It will surely attract children's attention, so you can prepare for them a nutritious and healthy first course, with a balanced nutritional intake. Proteins are essential for their growth; vegetable proteins have the advantage of not containing cholesterol. Pasta with red lentils flour is therefore perfect for the nutrition of anybody practicing sport, as they need a higher daily proteins intake. Naturally gluten-free, red lentils flour pasta is also suitable for celiac people. Rough and porous, PASTA NATURA will transform every recipe into a gourmet dish.

Serving suggestions:

  • Prepared with asparagus tips and mashed broads beans
  • Seasoned with extra virgin olive oil
  • With chicory, roasted peppers and black olives

      Ingredients: 100% Organic Red Lentil Flour. May contain traces of Soy.