Dry Goods Pasta Natura GF Whole Rice Pasta - #12? Fusili (250g)(BB: ?)
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Pasta Natura GF Whole Rice Pasta - #120 Fusili (250g)(BB: 14 Oct 2023)


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Brand: Pasta Natura

Details: Gluten-free; Penne

Best Before: 14 Oct 2023

Country of origin: Italy

The Pasta Natura gluten free whole rice pasta has a more accentuated colour and taste than traditional rice pasta, naturally rich in mineral salts such as potassium and magnesium, and is highly digestible. It perfectly maintains an “al dente” texture after cooking due to being bronze drawn and slow dried.

Serving suggestions:

  • Try whole rice flour sedanini with pan-roasted julienne vegetables and soy sauce.
  • For palates liking a more traditional taste, try whole rice flour maccheroni with pumpkin and parmesan.
  • For a more delicious recipe choose asparagus, fava beans and mushrooms or bottarga and cabbage sprouts.

      Ingredients: 100% Whole Rice Flour