Dry Goods Pasta Rummo - Mezzi Rigatoni #51 (1kg)(BB: 11 Nov 2023)
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Pasta Rummo - Mezzi Rigatoni #51 (1kg)(BB: 11 Nov 2023)(Check before use!)


Condition: Perfect, it's dried. Helping someone clear. Check condition before use. We check through every packaging once, before sending out for delivery. Refund if bad.

Weight: 1kg*

This half-sized (“mezzi”) version of Rigatoni works beautifully with dense sauces that nestle inside each ribbed tube. It’s delicious with scampi, cream of artichoke, and the traditional Campanian sauce of beans and mussels.

*Product might differ from picture due to size difference

Best Before: 11 Nov 2023

Cook time: 14 mins

Country of origin: Italy