Fresh & Frozen Seafood SF Squid Flower (Net: ~500g)(Grade:AA, Glazing: 0-1%)(Worth Deal, on average, similar products have 40% Water weight. This has close to none!)(Beta)
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SF Frozen Squid Flower (Net: ~500g)(Grade:AA, Glazing: 0-1%)(IQF,IVP)(Worth Deal, Industry glazing average 40%)(Beta)

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Glazing: 0-1%, the lower the number, the higher the weightage of meat after thawing. Industry Avg ~30% glazing.

Gross Weight: ~ 1.3kg++, Net weight: ~1.3kg++. Highest possible, 1.6kg, but you must be really lucky.

Condition: Perfect, It's Frozen. Clearing warehouse. IQF = Individually Quick Frozen, IVP =Individually Vacuum Pack.  

Origin: Norway, repackaged Singapore.

Shelf Life: At least a year.

In Beta Phase, testing with a new supplier. Items not stored with us. Unavailable for walk-ins.