Smooze!™ Coconut Water Ice Bar - Calamansi (480g)
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Smooze!™ Coconut Water Ice Bar - Calamansi (480g)


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Condition: Perfect, it's frozen.

Size: 480g (contains 6 servings)

Description: Coconut + yogurt aka cultured coconut milk, creamier texture with no additional sugar added.

The Coconut Water Calamansi Ice Bar packs a punch with its tropical favourite citrus, boasting far more Vitamin C than its larger yellow cousin, the lemon. Its unique aromatic sour flavour brings a refreshing zesty kick to the palate.

Ingredients: Coconut Water, Calamansi Juice, Sugar, Locust Bean Gum, Natural Flavouring, Citric Acid, Vitamin C, Gellan Gum

Storage: Freeze as soon as possible. Keep Frozen.

Vegan; Allergen Free; Gluten-Dairy-Nut Free; Halal

About Smooze:

Loved by fans all over the world since 2008, Smooze is a local brand providing dairy-free, vegan, and halal coconut frozen treats. Our products are made from coconut water and real fruit juices, which are hydrating and rich in vitamin C.

Country of origin: Singapore